The Mankoff Company Services

    The Mankoff Company, a marketing consultancy, has 20+ years of experience in marketing, sales and public relations within the financial community.  Our firm has become the leader in marketing to the global FinTech community with services including sales lead generation campaigns, external and internal messaging, website creation and execution, b2b events all tailored to our clients’ needs.  We also have established our firm as a resource for media outlets targeting this community and continue to develop our global database of contacts. 

    Following is a list of our available services:

    External Messaging:  External messaging highlighting your firm’s services and value added proposition.  This includes:


    -  Press Releases:

    -          Creating a targeted message geared towards your firm’s product and services to be produced in various formats.  We would liaise with your firm to decide on the message, obtain quotes and submit for review and approval  the finished press release

    -          Develop and coordinate press releases to both PR services and other media outlets. We currently have relationships with numerous publications and reporters who have partnered with us on our events as well as attended and reported on event proceedings.

    -          Coordinate, execute and maintain a social media presence promoting your firm’s products and services including outlets on LinkedIn which includes The Mankoff Company’s connections and Groups

    The Press Release includes creation and execution of press release and delivery to media and targeted contact outlet.


                Marketing Materials:

          This includes brochures, one-pagers and any other printed materials that a firm would distribute or leave behind at an event or mail to potential clients      (whether hard copy or electronically). The Mankoff Company would work with the client to develop and execute a piece highlighting the product or service offered.


    This type of product which includes creation and execution of and delivery to media and targeted contact outlet.



          Other External Messaging Opportunities:


    i.                    Publications & Editorials

    With The Mankoff Company’s ongoing relationships with a large number of targeted media outlets, we are well aware of their criteria for topical articles on an on-going basis. This provides an excellent opportunity to leverage The Mankoff Company’s position as an expert source and suggest a feature on or interview with your firm to raise the awareness profile of the business and secure positioning for you as a leader in the field.


    ii.                  Contributed Articles

    Many financial blogs and websites appreciate input and with The Mankoff Company’s editorial relationships we can propose and write articles incorporating an interview or case study/real world example from your firm which is in sync with your business objectives and contains your key messages.


    iii.                Industry Events

    The Mankoff Company has wide experience in the event and conference industry and can advise on the events which offer the best ROI for your sponsorship/speaking investment.  We would track upcoming events, liaise with the conference organizers and partner with your in negotiating advantageous sponsorship agreements


    iv.                 Surveys

    Another way to gain information about both current and potential clients is to create a survey to ascertain “top of mind” issues and needs.  Utilizing a third party marketer,  together with the client The Mankoff Company can create a targeted survey to uncover points of interest to use in other marketing and sales campaigns


    v.                   Web Editing

    The Mankoff Company would update and edit your web content to best reflect new initiatives and positioning of your firm in the market.  We would work with your web developer to make changes and keep an active eye on over all content of the website.


    vi.                 Social Media

    The Mankoff Company would utilize its extensive presence on LinkedIn with over 10,000 direct connections and ability to market to more than 200,000 contacts as well as utilizing Twitter and Facebook as directed by the client to promote any marketing initiative undertaken.

    Sales Lead Generation/Database List Rental:

    The Mankoff Company has an ever-growing list of contacts within the financial community which we offer for use for lead generation campaigns.  We currently have 29K+ names including those in the high frequency, algorithmic and proprietary trading space as well as banking, wealth management, private equity and VC firms. We are also able to build a list to a client’s specific target audience through our connections in media and industry related organizations. The cost of rental includes all set up costs with the third party marketer and the distribution to our list.  We will also provide you with a report which includes email addresses of click-throughs and opens.



    Another option in raising the profile of your firm as well as to generate sales leads is the execution of a webinar on a topic that a representative of your firm would be a speaker and thought-leader on the subject matter.  The Mankoff Company can support and create the entire webinar or work with you on parts of this.

    A.      Speaker Acquisition

    ·         Acquire speaker(s) needed who can speak to the issues agreed upon as a subject for webinar

    ·         The Mankoff Company’s database and personal relationships will be used to acquire targeted speakers for one hour webinar

    ·         Your firm will provide The Mankoff Company with a guideline/abstract of webinar to aid in speaker acquisition

    ·         The Mankoff Company will invite and confirm speakers for the webinar

    ·         The Mankoff Company will provide regular updates regarding progress in speaker acquisition

    ·         All speakers will be approved by your firm before being committed to event

    ·         Speakers will have one teleconference prior to the webinar to discuss points of the meeting, create leading questions and have everything in order prior to webinar date


    B.      Webinar Management

    ·         The Mankoff Company will arrange for the set-up and execution of the webinar

    ·         The Mankoff Company will facilitate the logistics of the webinar operation and be responsible for the actual webinar processes


    Customized Events

       The Mankoff Company can create a customized live event for your firm.  This can consist of a breakfast briefing, client lunch, evening networking event or sit-    down dinner amongst options.  We work with you on creating a program, targeting the right audience and handle all aspects of the event including finding the    location, creating the invitation and all on-site management of speakers and materials.


             Pre-Event Marketing

    • Discuss with client a relevant topic for event
    • Determine targeted audience attendance
    • Create with client an invitation to market to selected audience
    • Utilize Mankoff Company database to contact and invite selected targeted audience
    • Utilize Mankoff Company’s media partnerships to further promote event
    • Organize responses and review with client to determine best possible candidates (depending on responses, we may have to limit attendance)
    • Confirmation emails and follow up to attendance at event


    Speaker Coordination

    • Assist in securing speakers and facilitator for event based on criteria requested by client
    • Once secured, work with speakers on obtaining photos and bios for marketing pieces
    • Organizing pre-event teleconference for speakers and facilitator to prepare for event

    Venue Management

    • Coordinate with client to determine budget for event and presentation
    • Secure appropriate venue for the event, including negotiating contract
    • Work with and secure appropriate onsite needs including audiovisual for any presentation
    • Liaise with venue to determine menu
    • Set up registration with badges, hand-out materials and coordinate on-site signage
    • On-site management of registration and overall event logistics


    Post-Event Marketing

    • Partner with client to create a post-event survey/evaluation along with thank you for coming marketing piece

    • Weekly progress meetings with Client
    • Weekly response reports from marketing campaign


    Monthly Consultancy – Virtual CMO

    The Mankoff Company also offers a monthly agreement for services rendered which would include any of the above services, and other relevant marketing-related functions not mentioned above but agreed upon with the Client, including database access. 


     Working List of Clients & Partners

    ✔ Athens Stock Exchange
    ✔ BNY Mellon
    ✔ CFN Services
    ✔ Chronos Technology
    ✔ Citi
    ✔ CME Group
    ✔ Direct Edge
    ✔ Eurex
    ✔ Exegy
    ✔ Global Liquidity Partners
    ✔ ICAP
    ✔ Level3 Data

    ✔ MarketFactory
    ✔ Montgomery, McCracken, Walker & Rhoads, LLP
    ✔ NICE Systems
    ✔ NYSE Technologies
    ✔ OneTick
    ✔ OptiRisk Systems
    ✔ PDQ ATS
    ✔ Richard Fleischman Associates
    ✔ Red Chalk Partners
    ✔ Savvis
    ✔ Selerity

    ✔ Sungard
    ✔ Sybase
    ✔ Telx
    ✔ Thomson Reuters
    ✔ TIBCO
    ✔ TorreyPoint
    ✔ Tour GCX Partners
    ✔ TrueNorth Solutions
    ✔ Tullett Prebon
    ✔ USAM Group
    ✔ Wall Street Access
    ✔ Wiley Global Finance