A Discussion on Drilling Down the Blockchain

20 September 2016 • The Washington Mayfair Hotel • London

With a new PM, Cabinet and directive, the UK faces a challenge in its departure from EU status. London has been a center of the technological development of blockchain with its incubators, VC's and wealth of talent.  But where will the next move be after Brexit is implemented? What will be the challenge to development? And what advantages can be taken now to lead to success down the road? How will the latest FCA initiatives be applied? And what really are the applications for blockchain in finance, insurance, supply chain, real estate, health and more?

Bringing together leading experts, investors, banks, FinTech and Technologists, this program allows for the highest level of discussion with experts in the industry. Our After the Bell September program brings together lively thought, creative insight and the opportunity to network and engage with leading lights and colleagues who are working with Blockchain and uncovering new opportunities and applications.

After the Bell events are not live streamed or recorded - to get the most out of this panel of experts, be there!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016 Schedule of Event

5:45pm   Registration

6:15pm  Panel Discussion

In this  our panelists will discuss issues including:

  • A State of the Kingdom: What have been the immediate affects of Brexit on blockchain development?

  • What regulatory hurdles are to be faced and how this can be used to an advantage?

  • Opportunity now: Drilling down to practical and real blockchain applications

  • Security issues and how distributed ledger technology is addressing the issue

  • To what verticals aside from the Financial Markets will blockchain apply and how can they best be used?

  • What does the latest announcement from the FCA mean for blockchain companies?


Jamie Burke, Founding Partner & CEO, OutlierVentures

Richard Crook, Head of Innovation Engineering, RBS

Paul Gordon, Co-Founder, Quantave & Director, Coinscrum

Ismail Malik, CEO, Blockchain Lab; Founder, SmartLedger

Anish Mohammed, Lead Security Architect, Lloyds Banking Group

Simon Taylor, Co-Founder/Director of Blockchain, 11:FS

Facilitator: Stacey Mankoff, Managing Principal, The Mankoff Company

7:15pm: Networking Reception: Following the conclusion of the Roundtable Panel Session, join us for a Networking Reception to further discuss the most top of mind issues of those involved and interested in Blockchain technology

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Registration Price £52 inc. VAT - Discount Codes can be entered at Check-Out

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Who Will Be Attending the Event

✔ Hedge Funds
✔ Banks
✔ Investment Firms
✔ Venture Capitalists
✔ Insurance Firms
✔ Traders
✔ FX, Options, and Futures Trading Desks
✔ Commodity Trading Advisors
✔ Risk Managers
✔ Portfolio Managers
✔ International Traders
✔ Cryptocurrency Firms
✔ Broker/Dealers
✔ Exchanges
✔ Technology Firms
✔ Clearing & Settlement Firms
✔ Solution Providers
✔ Law Firms
✔ Consulting & Advisory Firms
✔ E-Commerce Companies
✔ Auditors
✔ Regulators

Event Venue:

The Washington Mayfair Hotel

5 Curzon Street, Mayfair, London


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