Beyond POC:

    Blockchain Applications in the Real World

    A Discussion for Institutions, Hedge Funds and Others in FinTech & Technology

    28 April 2016 • The Washington Mayfair Hotel • London

    2016 brings continued interest and investment in blockchain - its technology and applications. After much theoretical discussion over the past year, NOW is the time for bringing some of these POC (Proof of Concept) ideas to fruition.  But what will this mean to the markets and where is the development of blockchain technology going to have its greatest impact?

    Bringing together leading experts, investors, banks and others, this session once again allows for the highest level of discussion with experts in the industry.  Our April program brings together lively thought, creative insight and the opportunity to network and engage with leading lights and colleagues who are working with Blockchain and uncovering new opportunities and applications. These events are not live streamed or recorded so to get the most out of this panel of experts, be there!

    Thursday, 28 April, 2016 Schedule of Event

    5:45pm   Registration

    6:15pm  Panel Discussion

    • The evolution of blockchain: A transformative and evolving platform

    • Applying blockchain technology to financial markets and beyond: Clearing & settlement, international remittances, land registries, smart contracts; Reaching other verticals i.e. Supply chain, Insurance, Healthcare

    • Open ledger initiatives

    • Adoption of blockchain to improve existing functions; addressing legacy systems and enabling other technologies

    • Public vs. Private blockchains: Understanding the differences and which is best for your firm

    • How blockchain impacts collaborative economies - is it a decentralizing force?  And what is its application in the developing world?

    • Investment area of opportunity: What should you look out for?

    Jay Best, CTO & Blockchain Solutions Advisor, VentureBoost Group
    Jamie Burke, Founding Partner & CEO, OutlierVentures
    Pinar Emirdag, Managing Director, Hupomone & Founding Member, UK Digital Currency Association
    Paul Gordon, Co-Founder, Quantave & Director, Coinscrum
    Garrick Hileman, Economic Historian, University of Cambridge & London School of Economics; Founder,
    Peter Randall, COO, Setl

    Facilitator: Stacey Mankoff, Managing Principal, The Mankoff Company
    7:15pm: Networking Reception: Following the conclusion of the Roundtable Panel Session, join us for a Networking Reception to further discuss the most top of mind issues of those involved and interested in Blockchain technology

    If you are interested in participating, please contact

    Registration Price £50 inc. VAT - Discount Codes can be entered at Check-Out


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    Who Will Be Attending the Event:

    ✔ Hedge Funds
    ✔ Investors
    ✔ Banks
    ✔ Investment Firms
    ✔ Venture Capitalists
    ✔ Insurance Firms
    ✔ Traders
    ✔ FX, Options, and Futures Trading Desks
    ✔ Commodity Trading Advisors
    ✔ Risk Managers
    ✔ Portfolio Managers
    ✔ International Traders
    ✔ Cryptocurrency Firms
    ✔ Broker/Dealers
    ✔ Exchanges
    ✔ Technology Firms
    ✔ Clearing & Settlement Firms
    ✔ Solution Providers
    ✔ Law Firms
    ✔ Consulting & Advisory Firms
    ✔ E-Commerce Companies
    ✔ Auditors
    ✔ Regulators



    Event Venue:

    The Washington Mayfair Hotel

    5 Curzon Street, Mayfair, London

    W1J 5HE

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